Health Tips For This Month

This Months Health Tips:

Whenever you’re walking, move as if you’re Five minutes late for an important appointment. You will burn up too 300 extra calories per hour.

Clean Out Your Medicine Chest:

At least once a year, throw away all medicines that are out of date or have a noticeable change in color or smell. You should also discard any that have a missing labor or package instructions.

Keep Your Feet Happy:

Good workout shoes will make any exercise more enjoyable. A good fit and proper support are crucial for minimizing the stress on joints and avoiding injuries.

Monotonous Mental Exercises:

Help you relax and redirect your thoughts, when you can’t sleep. Try naming all 50 states and their capitals or recite multiplication tables in your head.

Try Too Spend At Least An Hour Outdoors:

On warm pretty days sunlight triggers the release of serotonin, a brain chemical that makes you feel good helps ease food cravings.

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