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Delores and Charles Franklin

Hello, my name is Delores Bishop-Franklin, my father’s name is Elijah Bishop and my mom’s name is Jessie Mae, I have four brothers and three sisters,

  • Elijah Bishop Jr.
  • Larry Bishop
  • Ambrose Bishop
  • Kenoth Raymond Bishop
  • Gloria Bishop-Sykes
  • Loys Bishop-White
  • Joyce Ann Bishop

I started this site as a great system that allows you and me too keep in touch with with one another, to request prayer and share family photos! I am a Pastors Wife, and I get a lot of people asking for prayer, so I want too give my family an opportunity too list their concerns, and we will be praying for you! I am retired and so is my husband Charles, we dedicate all our time and efforts too the members and our church!

I hope this will be your go to place for everything dealing with not only the family reunions but Bishop family as a whole. I want this website to be ours and personal, so please sign up and Register today.

We have included a calendar to list such things like births announcements, homecomings, home goings, birthdays and major happenings in our family.

Please contact me if you would like to know about what I am up to or if you have a question about this website.

— Delores